The “Wickerwork: Know-how and Creativity” event was organised in co-operation with the Council for Architecture, City planning and the Environment (C.A.U.E.) of Départements Haute Marne and Meurthe-et-Moselle, the Ecole d’Horticulture et de Paysage (Horticulture and Landscaping School) in Roville-aux-Chênes, Laurent Weiss as wickerwork artist et INFFOLOR (Committee for Arts and Crafts) in Lorraine.

Gélaucourt was thus transformed for the time of a Sunday in the Spring into a kind of open air stage to display the talents of some 20 students enrolled in the above School in Roville-aux-Chênes in the Department of Landscaping.

Under guidance of Laurent WEISS, the renowned landscape designer and specialist of modern wickerwork, the students created wicker sculptures in the rural style of our community and displayed them in various sites in the village and the Aubépré water garden.

The initiative was designed as the Gélaucourt contribution to the educational programme developed by the Committee for Arts and Crafts in the Départements Haute Marne and Meurthe-et-Moselle for the promotion of flowering in pure village style. Marc LECHIEN, the art manager of the Committee headed a delegation of some 30 elected representatives of Département Haute Marne, taking Gélaucourt as a model for best practice.

The lectures delivered on the “White willow” by Dominique Brochet-Lanvin (a botanist and tree grower who designed the La Presle Botanic garden in Nanteuil-la-Forêt, Champagne that was awarded the “Remarkable Garden” label), the “Ephemeral wickerwork sculptures” delivered by Laurent Weiss as a wickerwork artist, and “Landscape design in a rural environment: innovation vs. conservation of heritage” delivered by Matthieu Husson, a landscape designer of the Committee in Département Meurthe-et-Moselle gave rise to an open debate with the audience.

16:30 : ceremony in the future “protective orchard” in Roville-aux-Chênes for the planting of the “Ecole de Roville” rose offered by the local Horticulture school and the “Rousselet de Reims” pear-tree offered by the Tourist Office of Département Marne, in the presence of Pascal Deseautel, the vice-president of the Jury for the Villes et Villages Fleuris de France (Flowered Towns and Villages Contest) and mayor of Oger which was awarded a Gold medal in the European Entente Florale contest.

The arts and crafts were also well represented in Cour des Arts in various forms: painting, ceramics, pottery, glasswork, wrought iron, stonecarving and jewellery design.
The Blue Jazz Quartet – a Lorraine band – provided musical entertainment in Café sur Cour.