Gélaucourt and its population of seventy Gillois are located in the Saintois region of Meurthe-et-Moselle, only thirty minutes from the Place Stanislas in Nancy.

Forests, grasslands, and farming land spread throughout its 220 hectares (543 acres). As you enter the village and pass down its main street, fruit trees and flowers are everywhere. The Rosières brook winds through the village, and the year-round garden, the water garden, and the verges overflow with lush vegetation and flowers at every season.

Each year, from eight to ten thousand tourists come from every corner of France to visit us. Above all, we seek to surprise you with scents and novel combinations of colors, flowers, vegetables, and fruits, and with our untouched landscape.

Our policy, steadfastly maintained for thirty years, is to preserve our village identity and our Lorraine heritage, and to show our neighbor villages that such a program can be successful: the prices of our local properties are now one of the best proofs of this.

Michel Capdevielle