Gelaucourt was awarded the Remarkable Garden Label in 2008 for its extraordinary Aubépré water garden.

On 15 November 2008 Anne Schirm, the Director of the National Committee for Villes et Villages Fleuris (City and Village flowering) and Marc Lechien, the Regional director of Cultural Affairs in Lorraine awarded this prestigious label to Michel Capdevielle, the Mayor of Gélaucourt.

This vast 1-ha meadowland was transformed in 1999 into a nicely landscaped area surrounded by a natural vegetal shrine.

This prize offered by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication is meant to reward the initiatives we have taken to maintain vegetal biodiversity and implement a programme for environmental conservation, in particular concerning the stability of the sides of the river circumventing the water garden.

We are invited to visit this unique site and stroll in the village, in all four seasons. You will love it !