Gélaucourt was awarded the prestigious GRAND PRIX in 2007 in the EUROPEAN ENTENTE FLORALE competition.

The village was indeed selected in 2007 to be the representative of France in the prestigious contest.
Gélaucourt was awarded this prize after the high-quality visit that the Gélaucourt citizens had organised for the jury composed of 12 members.

With our revered values of simplicity and genuine hospitality, we found the way to their hearts and sensitivity. This prize is the fully deserved reward for the hard work provided by nearly all citizens (at least 80 % of them…), the exceptionally high standard of the landscaped environment, its policy for the conservation of the natural environment and the enhancement of the architectural heritage, the awareness campaigns designed for children for a better environmental approach, and it capacities to develop tourism and cultural events.

The Gélaucourt citizens are prepared to share with you the feeling of pride they have after receiving this prize.