The citizens of Gélaucourt are fully committed in many ways :

-to environmental conservation, tourism, and agriculture, Gélaucourt was the first village to take advantage of the program sponsored by the local authorities to renovate an old municipal building and apply a rigorous land-use map;

-to making the village even more attractive for new citizens by creating the Clos de l’Aubépré and successfully organising their settling in this extension to the village;

-to preserving the wild plant species along the Rosières brook, in cooperation with the Rhine-Meuse Water Board;

-to restoring the sunken paths lanes protecting the orchards of mirabelle-plum trees;

-to pay tribute to some famous flower breeders in Lorraine, in particular Lemoine and Crousse;

-to sensitizing our children about environmental conservation;

-to promoting the image of our Département.

Gélaucourt can boast a vast landscaped area with 5,000 trees, including fruit trees and age-old lime trees, 900 varieties of perennials, 3,000 bulbs and spring plants, and 2,000 annual summer plants.