The seeming quiet that you experience in strolling through Gélaucourt conceals a tremendous ferment of initiatives.

Whether we grew up in the village or came here from the city, all of us are anxious to share with you our creed of hospitality, our vision of the environment, and our wish to celebrate it. We celebrate the traditional holidays, we take part in cultural events: “Garden Rendezvous” and “Visit a garden in Lorraine”, we will attend the plant festivals, we provide guided tours, and we answer invitations to explain the key factors in our success.

It’s New !
Joseph Laurent Art Gallery
Joseph Laurent was a portrait painter born in Gélaucourt in 1750. To celebrate him, we opened an exhibition space located in an 18th century bread-oven building where artists, painters exhibited in summer.

Courtyard Café – Tea time in summer
Relax you on the shady terrasse, listen to the concerts, and discover the regional artists.